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Tis the Season: AProCafé Microlot Season!

by Kevin N September 14, 2017

Tis the Season: AProCafé Microlot Season!

Finally! I'm not a very patient person, so the past few years when our Guatemalan friends' coffees have been delayed leaving Guatemala and/or entering the US, the wait hasn't been particularly fun for me. Pedro's here though!

But, the coffees are here, we've test-roasted them and are feeling happy about them, and Shep and I are stoked to start roasting them for all of you this week.

A bit of a preamble: we've been buying coffee from AProCafé for four years now, and the association head and a few of the farmers are personal friends of mine from just shy of a year living in Guatemala from 2010-2011. For the past few years, we've been roasting coffee from the whole group as Atitlán el Grano, and supporting the group in leaf rust prevention and other quality efforts. This year, on top of funds raised through Sister Winter, we're setting aside $0.20 for each pound of unroasted Atitlán el Grano to support the group in improved farming practices.

Additionally, for three years running, we've paid some individual famers more for exceptional coffee, showcasing these coffees through the fall and early winter months. The coffees never seem to come soon enough for me - it's a project for 2018. Finally though, we're launching these microlots with a returning fave, Don Pedro.

This year we'll feature three microlots as single origin, with each in our lineup for 1-2 months, and a bit of overlap between lots. Don Pedro's first to bat, followed by a new set of growers, Familia Sosa. Don Manuel Tzic Saso (below), who's been our go-to since year one of the program, will be last to the plate. Finally, Doña Lucinda Puac Pérez's coffee will play a prominent role in this year's Sister Winter blend, with a portion of proceeds going back to AProCafé.

Anyway, Pedro Trejo is first, and we think his coffee is super delicious. We think it's well-rounded and balanced, so it won't throw any more traditional coffee drinkers for too big of a loop. But it also has some stellar tangerine brightness, plus subtle apricot, peach, and raisin flavors that help it stand out as an exceptional coffee. Drink up!

The goal of this program has always been to help AProCafé sell more of these microlots (and earn a better livelihood for its farmers) than Huckleberry can buy by ourselves. This year several other roasters have joined in with us on our single farm program in Guatemala. So while we'd love to think that we can keep you satisfied on the coffee front, if you find yourself looking for a bit of variety, we'd suggest looking at the Atitlán coffees from these friends:

Buddy Brew

Press Coffee

Maquina Coffee Roasters

Switchback Coffee Roasters

Kevin N
Kevin N


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