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August Coffee of the Month: Burundi Colline Ninga

by Kevin Nealon August 03, 2017

August Coffee of the Month: Burundi Colline Ninga

We're starting something new on our website, highlighting one coffee each month, and putting it on sale to give it a bit of love. Sometimes this will be a new coffee that we're super excited about, sometimes it will be a coffee that's in its last few weeks of roasting that we think deserves a proper sendoff, and sometimes we'll just pick something we like for no particular reason.

This month's coffee is Burundi Colline Ninga from our friends and partners at Long Miles Coffee Project. We wanted to showcase this coffee because we're nearing the end of its run this year, and harvest is just wrapping up in Burundi right now. We've worked with Long Miles for four years, from the point when it was just starting and producing some questionable quality, to today, when the group is producing some of the best coffees in Burundi and the world.

As I'm writing this on August 3, I'm already looking forward to tasting the samples that Long Miles just sent us this week. Some of these will be the Burundis we start roasting for you in late 2017 or early 2018.

For now though, Colline Ninga's tasting hella good. Apricot, spiced pear, citrus, caramel, bright and complex. Save a few bucks, check out one of our favorite coffees, and brew a few mugs before it's gone for the year.


Photo courtesy Long Miles Coffee Project @longmilescoffee

Kevin Nealon
Kevin Nealon


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