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September Coffee of the Month: Costa Rica Santa Maria

by Kevin N August 31, 2017

September Coffee of the Month: Costa Rica Santa Maria

Hard to believe it's already September - 2017 has been flying by!

This month we'd like to highlight Santa Maria, easily one of the most versatile coffees in our lineup. We like it as brewed coffee, we like it as espresso, and in either form, we think it tastes good straight up or milked up. So, until the end of the month, it's 10% off online.

This is the first year we've roasted coffees from COOPEDOTA, but I don't think it will be the last. In 2016 we tasted, enjoyed, but didn't purchase some great coffee from COOPEDOTA because our lineup was completely full at the time. Then when David visited Costa Rica earlier this year, we were all impressed with the sustainability and quality practices he saw at Dota, and couldn't pass up two of the coffees.

Our other coffee from the cooperative, El Cedral Natural, is a stunner, but it sadly will not be around for the whole month. If you like fruity coffees though, check it out before it's gone and that link is broken.

Santa Maria will be here for a bit longer, and while El Cedral is in your face delicious, this is the coffee most of us in roasting/warehouse life are more likely to reach for as an everyday drinker. This ecopulped coffee packs some fruit, but in a well-balanced, rounded, caramel-sweet package. If you haven't given it a shot yet, now's as good a time as any.

Kevin N
Kevin N


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