Costa Rica Santa Maria


Santa Maria is back, and we're excited to have both Cooperativa de Caficultores de Dota (CoopeDota) specifically, and Central American coffees generally, back in the roastery! Global shipping is a mess, we've been waiting far too long for this coffee!

2021 is our fifth harvest roasting up tasty goodness from CoopeDota, and the village of Santa Maria, and this is the more comforting of the two coffees we'll roast up from the cooperative. Keep an eye out for El Cedral, a big, delicious natural from the group, too.

Each year we refine our offerings from Dota a bit, and 2021 is no different. CoopeDota washes all of its coffees using an Eco-Pulper - a machine that uses significantly less water to remove the coffee's fruit and mucilage from the bean. While it's not necessary with this machine, the cooperative does give its microlots a chance to ferment before washing, which tends to boost complexity. But, the cooperative does dry the majority of its coffee on patio, occasionally resorting to mechanical dryers when there's less room on the drying patios. 

Last year we asked (and paid a premium for) the cooperative to dry our coffee on raised beds, because in our limited experience, coffees dried slowly, on raised beds, tend to taste better, for longer, than coffee dried more quickly on patios or in mechanical dryers. This year we stayed that course, but the cooperative also separated out our lot from an area called El Vapor, the highest hillside in the Santa Maria area.

Beyond their willingness to try something new for us, we're also excited to work with CoopeDota because the group has always been a sustainability leader in Costa Rica. In 2011 the cooperative produced the world's first certified carbon-neutral coffee, and is known for its work to reduce both its carbon and water footprints. 

2021 Santa Maria has a lot going for it - milk-friendly chocolate and hazelnut flavors, creamy body and depth, with subtle pear and vanilla. It's a crowd-pleaser, perfect for kicking off the long-awaited Central season here at Huck!


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