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Dairy Block

1800 Wazee Street, Denver, CO
All The Days // Open 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Huckleberry wanted to be downtown Denver. We had heard and read about this amazing, mixed-use development happening in the heart of downtown -- near the baseball stadium, caddy-corner from Union Station and filled with all sorts of rad people. We wanted to be a part of that conversation! Within the Dairy Block there's shopping, market halls, cocktail bars, whiskey joints, and more. While it has a  different vibe from our Sunnyside cafe, at the end of the day it's quintessentially Huck: tasty coffee, happy people and a welcoming space for all to enjoy. So, come hungry, come thirsty and launch into Denver with reckless abandon from our downtown cafe.   
turn the sound up. peep the video below.

Here is a map, if you're so inclined. : )