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Frequently Asked Questions

When do you roast and ship?

Huckleberry Roasters roasts, bags and ships coffee purchased through web store on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday with a 9AM MST cut-off time.

Here's a cheat sheet: If you order coffee after 9:01AM MST on Thursday and before 9AM MST Monday, you will be pushed to Monday's production day. If you order coffee between 9:01AM MST Monday and 9AM MST Tuesday, you will be part of Tuesday's production day. If you order coffee between 9:01AM MST Tuesday and 9AM MST Thursday, you will be on Thursday's production schedule. Easy peasy, right? 

If you have specific shipping requests or concerns, please e-mail us and we'll try to accommodate! 

Where is my coffee? Did it get lost? Did my mail person eat it? 

A delayed, missing, lost or stolen package is a frustrating situation -- believe it or not, we do get it! We also order things from the World Wide Web from time to time and it doesn't always work perfectly. Let's start at the beginning...

If your package has been shipped (see above question for the when/why/how that happens), you will have received a tracking number. First thing is first, please check the tracking number! If the USPS tracking number shows that your package has been delivered, but you don't actually see it on your doorstep, in your mailbox, at your front desk, under your neighbors' planter box, with your receptionist, etc., please call your local post office right away. Often times your post office keeps it, awaiting to be claimed. Call them! They will tell you where it is and what happened. If nobody claims the package, the coffee sits at the USPS warehouse and we don't hear about it until the mangled package is returned back to us a month later. 

Once a coffee is picked up by one of our shipping partners, Huckleberry Roasters does not assume responsibility for any damage that happens during shipment, or any loss of package during its travels to you. Any claims or attempts for refunds can be made directly with the shipping company.

We are pretty darn good about being timely with getting web orders roasted, bagged and out the door! When the package has left our facility, it is out of our hands. 

Is my package insured?

All packages are insured within the United States through USPS, but USPS does NOT coffee perishable items like coffee. As long as it shows up (even if it takes a month) we cannot reimburse you. If your coffee is damaged upon arrival, let us know and we can ship you a new bag, no problem! 

What are the shipping details?

For the time being, we can only offer shipping within the United States through our webstore. If you live abroad and are interested in purchasing Huckleberry Roasters coffee, fear not! We can ship abroad, just send us an email and we'll work out the details. 

For single or double retail coffee bag orders, we offer $5 flat rate shipping. Additionally, for select merchandise, depending on size of item(s), we offer $5 flat rate shipping. For orders exceeding that 1-2 bag quantity and/or those that reach a size limit due to package constraints, we default to "live" shipping options. Most orders shipped on Tuesday will arrive by the end of that week.

How is the coffee packaged?

We package our coffee in 12oz heat-sealed bags that feature a one-way gas valve and are compostable (sticker included!). We package and ship only whole bean coffee.

Is your coffee organic? Fair trade? Sustainably grown? Etc.?

Huckleberry Roasters is focused on sourcing, roasting and brewing tasty coffee. We do not find coffee specifically for being certified, nor do we intentionally avoid it. We do our very best to buy coffee that is responsibly and sustainably grown, harvested and imported. Additionally, we often try to by coffee that has the most immediate and direct developmental impact at origin. 

As a company, we're not USDA organic-certified - yet. That means, even when we source coffees that are USDA organic-certified, we can't actually market any of our coffees as being so.

Our coffees are not Fair Trade certified; they are better. Fair Trade is a well intentioned, but outdated model that does very little to improve coffee quality and even less to ensure that farmers/producers are paid a higher wage for producing better quality coffee.

We believe the future of the industry is "direct trade"; a model in which middle men and certifications are passed up, in favor of establishing long-term, direct relationships with farmers that are mutually beneficial to both parties. In other words, we get access to better, more consistent coffee and farmers get more money for their farms, families and communities.

On the sustainability front; a similar answer as above. Our coffees aren't certified "sustainable" and our farmer/producer partners don't have the money to pay for a certification, which is often meaningless to them. However, to state the obvious, no one knows more that it's in their best interest to grow coffee in a sustainable way and partner with supportive/helpful roasters than coffee farmers. After all, it is their livelihood! By trading with them directly ourselves and through relationship-focused importers the roaster-farmer link is grounded in all aspects of sustainability...environmental and financial.

Can I exchange/return my coffee?

Coffee is a perishable product, and Huckleberry cannot re-sell any returned coffee. That being said, we stand by the quality of our product, and if you are dissatisfied, please send us an email.  As a general principle, we do ask that you ship back any unused coffee, at your expense, to receive a refund of the purchase.

For non-coffee items, we take it on a case by case basis. We are committed to making it right for you, but we'll have a conversation with you about how we can do that.  

Does Huckleberry Roasters ship internationally?

At the moment, we do not ship coffee internationally via the web store. Not only is it quite expensive (for you), but, in more instances than we'd like to count, we've had packages returned to us, which then leaves you without coffee, and us sitting on coffee.

That being said, if you would like to pursue getting some tasty coffee or have an interesting opportunity to run by us, we are happy to chat. Feel free to send an e-mail to

Where can I find Huckleberry Roasters? 

We ship coffee to some of the best cafes, restaurants and breweries in the U.S. To find Huckleberry near you, take a look here

Contact and Questions/Comments/Concerns

Please email us at for any questions or concerns regarding our coffee, company, and webstore.