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Guatemala Don Pedro Microlot


Over the past several years, Huckleberry has been working to build a stronger relationship with the AProCafé El Grano growers association in the Lake Atitlán region of Guatemala. These growers produce our Atitlán El Grano coffee, which we love dearly, but we're also excited to single out the best individual coffees. This is our third year roasting Pedro Trejo's coffee, and his coffee is our third and final washed microlot from AProCafé.

Like all of the farmers in AProCafé, Don Pedro has great terrain and altitude for coffee growing, plants his coffee trees under shade, and farms using organic, sustainable practices. Our other microlot growers live a bit further from the Lake Atitlán than Pedro, and process their coffee on-farm largely because those farms are a royal pain to get to. Pedro, however, lives and grows coffee in the town of San Pedro, and delivers his cherry to Valle de Eskol, the same wet mill where AProCafé processes its mixed farmer lots.

Pedro doesn't own one, large farm, but several small, scattered parcels along the slopes of Volcan San Pedro, ranging from a high 1650 meters above sea level to a very, very high 2000 meters. We've spent some time with Pedro and visited his plots a few times over the years, and it's fairly obvious why his coffee has so much potential. First off, high altitude always helps, and when walking through other growers' plots to Pedro's the contrast in farming practices was obvious. Pedro's plot was a lesson in precision - great shade cover, large compost holes next to each tree, and perfectly pruned and spaced coffee plants.

We’re pretty stoked on microlot year three from Pedro Trejo. We think it's both bright and balanced, with notes of green apple, candied citrus and marzipan cookie. 

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