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Stay Cool with Iced Deliciousness

by Kevin Nealon July 19, 2015

Stay Cool with Iced Deliciousness

The last week has been sunny and warm here in Denver, so we've been flying through iced drinks and iced coffees at our cafes and at home. A staff favorite right is an iced Americano made with La Angostura as espresso. For single origins as espresso, we can't recommend our Costa Rican coffee enough. Bright, with grape and citrus to keep things refreshing, but also with a good backbone of walnut-like sweetness - super versatile.  

If you ever want to pick our brains about iced coffee, including how to use your batch brewer to make iced coffee, never hesitate to pop in the cafes and connect with our baristas regarding any brewing questions.

With busy roasting comes changes in our coffee offerings, and this past week we roasted the last of Tana Toraja. This was a great coffee that changed our prejudices about Indonesian coffees, and we're looking forward to roasting more fully-washed and tasty coffee from Tana Toraja when the new harvest arrives later in the year.

For this week, we're sticking with all our other single origin offerings, but over the next month or so we'll start roasting some more great coffees, including Doña Lucinda, the first of two single farmer micro-lots from the AProCafe cooperative in Guatemala; a beautiful washed Ethiopian from the Uraga cooperative; and our first Kenyan coffee of the summer.  

We have a lot of delicious options to be drinking right now, from an iced Aeropresses of Beriti or Gitesi, a Fetco-brewed Las Brisas, to the intense berry fruitbomb of Ardi or the more comforting caramel and walnut sweetness of La Angostura. Drink up and stay cool!

Kevin Nealon
Kevin Nealon


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