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Uganda Sipi Falls Natural


2024 marks Huck's seventh harvest roasting coffee from farmers in Gamatui Village in the Sipi Falls region of Eastern Uganda, and we’re excited to have this natural and a washed Sipi Falls back in the roast lineup!

Year 7 of Sipi, year 6 of Sipi Nat, and we've been looking forward to this for a few months now. It rivals some of our favorites from Ethiopia, but thanks in part to different coffee varieties (SL28 and SL34, most famous in Kenya), this one carries a bit more chocolate and body.

Sipi Falls is one of Uganda's most famous landmarks, and much of the country's best coffee comes from the region. Huck specifically seeks out the coffees from Gamatui, the highest altitude community that delivers coffee to the Sipi Falls Washing Station in the town of Chema. That high altitude, combined with Sipi Falls Washing Station's impressive attention to detail, yields complex, delicious, and juicy goodness in the cup.

Uganda is an up-and-coming coffee-producing country, but the coffees from Sipi Falls and Gamatui village have quickly become coffees we look forward to each year. We’re stoked to showcase the continual improvements in Ugandan coffee, but more importantly, we’re just stoked to have this coffee in our mugs. Sipi Falls Natural packs wild fruit flavors of concord grape and berries, rounded out with bittersweet chocolate for a helluva natural.  


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Images courtesy Atlantic Specialty Coffee

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