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Uganda Sipi Falls Natural


Last year Huck bought and roasted it’s first-ever Ugandan coffee. This year, we took it a step further, going all in with offerings from the Sipi Falls region of Uganda. This natural is a game-changer, rivaling some of our favorites from Ethiopia.

Like our washed Sipi Falls lot this year and last, this coffee comes from the greater Sipi Falls region, and is processed at the Chema Washing Station. But, this coffee is a bit more specific, coming exclusively from growers in the village of Gamatui. Amongst all of the communities delivering coffee to the Chema station, Gamatui is the highest, and this altitude brings the complexity we’d expect. And the Chema station’s attention to processing detail is impressive - this is one of the best-prepped coffees we’ve ever seen.

The result is a natural that rivals the best, whether they come from an established coffee country like Ethiopia or up-and-coming Uganda. We’re stoked to showcase and support the improvements in Ugandan coffee, but more importantly, we’re just stoked to have this coffee in our mugs. Sipi Falls natural packs dark fruit flavors of blackberry and blueberry, rounded out with dark chocolate, a hint of red wine, and a buttery body. Natural coffee lovers (especially you coffee nerds who think you only like Ethiopian naturals :-) - this one’s for you.

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