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Uganda Sipi Falls (Washed)


Last year we made the leap and bought our first ever Ugandan coffee. This year, we took it a step further, going all in with offerings from the Sipi Falls region of Uganda.

Like last year, we’re calling this coffee Sipi Falls. It’s a washed coffee, processed at the Chema washing station following a special preparation, similar to most of our washed coffees from Central America: cherries are depulped, coffee is (dry) fermented to allow the sticky layer of honey or mucilage to break down, the mucilage is washed, and the coffee is dried on raised beds. Chema Station usually uses an eco-pulper to wash the coffees without fermentation, then dries in a mechanical dryer. So in many ways, this special prep washed Sipi Falls is very similar to the coffee we roasted last year.

But, even though we didn’t change the name (we thought about calling it Gamatui, but figured we ought to leave it easy-to-pronounce), this coffee represents a step up from last year. This year’s coffee (all of Huck’s Sipi Falls lots) comes specifically from growers in the village of Gamatui. Amongst all of the communities delivering coffee to the Chema station, Gamatui is the highest, and this altitude brings the complexity we’d expect.

This year’s washed Sipi Falls has crisp tangerine brightness and a fruity sweetness reminiscent of canteloupe or Peach-O candy, rounded out by a creamy, buttery mouthfeel. We loved last year’s Sipi Falls, and think this year’s is a touch more refined.

Beyond this delcious washed lot, we’ll also be roasting a natural from the Chema station and Gamatui growers, and a tiny amount of honey-processed coffee (only available on our website and at our two cafes). Last year Sipi Falls was very good, and to be honest, that was enough to change our perception of Ugandan coffees. This year the coffee took it up a notch - we’re looking forward to roasting and brewing some delicious Ugandan coffee this year, and looking forward to long term excellence from exporter KAWACOM, the Chema washing station, and the farmers in Gamatui village.


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