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Ethiopia Banko Dhadato Washed


Bright, floral, complex and full of stone fruit + melon flavors, the Yirgacheffe Cooperative Union delivers another dope washed Ethiopia to the Huck roastery!

Banko Dhadato is one of the 22 cooperatives that make up the Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union, and while we’ve traditionally focused on the Aramo Cooperative, this year Banko Dhadato was just too good to ignore. YCFCU is a longstanding leader in organic farming and sustainable agriculture in Ethiopia, and while Huck roasts coffees from both private washing stations and cooperatives, we’re always happy to support YCFCU. 

The Banko Dhadato Cooperative sits in the southern portion of the greater Yirgacheffe coffee region, closer to Gedeb woreda than Yirgacheffe town itself. Like the Aramo cooperative we’ve roasted in the past, Banko Dhadato sits to the east, high up on the ridge dividing the Yirgacheffe and Guji regions, and we’ve found ourselves consistently gravitating to these higher, eastward Yirgs, be they from the Yirgacheffe Union or private washing stations like Worka Chelbesa and Danche.

We’re tasting jasmine + honeysuckle florals, white plum, melon, and creamy-bright key lime pie in this first Huck lot from Banko Dhadato Cooperative, and we’re stoked to showcase this coffee as our final washed Ethiopia of the 2023 harvest!

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