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Ecuador El Sauce


Are you feeling saucy? Ready to get sauced? As long as you’re okay with a 0% ABV, we’ve got you covered with Ecuador El Sauce.

To be clear, this technically should be pronounced sauce-eh (or something like that, we’re coffee roasters, not phonetic spellers), and in Spanish, “el sauce” translates to willow tree. It’s also the name of a town in Southern Ecuador, the source of this delicious coffee.

We’ve roasted coffees from Ecuador’s Loja Province in the past, but El Sauce is new to Huck, and it’s a different animal entirely. There’s plenty of the maple syrup and molasses sweetness we’d expect from this area of Ecuador, but thanks to a bit of experimental processing mixed in with the traditional washed process, we’re tasting fig and freeze-dried berries here, with some tangy brightness to boot.

El Sauce is a blend of coffees from smallholder farmers in the town of El Sauce, and we found this coffee through The Coffee Quest, an import-export operation based in Medellin, Colombia and Austin, Texas, but partnered with Capamaco Trading in Ecuador. Some of the farmers in El Sauce have begun experimenting with yeast-inoculated fermentations, using yeast to both alter and control the fermentation step that breaks down the coffee’s fruit in the traditional washed process. 

Stephen at The Coffee Quest estimates that roughly 15% of El Sauce was yeast-fermented. We’ve tasted yeast fermentations that range from overwhelming to more subtle, but here, with this group of farmers and as part of the blend, the result is a tangy, but balanced cup.

Fig jam, molasses, brown sugar, and freeze-dried strawberries make for some very interesting sauce, that until now, we really didn’t expect out of Ecuador. It’s a pretty good reason to get Sauced with us, even if you are doing it first thing in the morning.

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Photo courtesy The Coffee Quest

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