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Don't call it a dark roast! Okay, okay...we won't.

How about we call it Civitas and say it's "a slightly darker roast with slightly longer development"? Yea, that sounds cool!

In either case, we're excited about this one! Huck has long believed that we should (or could) be just as proud of our darker & more developed coffees, as we are of our lighter offerings.

It just took us a while to find a roast profile that still checked all the boxes for us! 

Our Civitas blend is meant for the fan of a full bodied coffee with notes of dark sugars, chocolate, toffee, and a great nuttiness -- not unlike our Blue Orchid Blend, but a hair darker than that.

Civitas is currently a community blend from La Higuera, Colosay, Peru.

*** For roasting schedule, shipping, receiving & additional information, please visit out Frequently Asked Questions . And, for a primer on coffee processing, check out our Processing Basics Guide. *** 

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