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Gearing Up for Summer Coffees

by Kevin Nealon May 20, 2016

Gearing Up for Summer Coffees

We’ve been spending the last few weeks locking down our coffees for the summer and fall. A lot of that work happens earlier in the year, but as southern hemisphere coffees start to trickle in, we need to figure out which coffees will land in the U.S. when, and how that will impact our lineup.  

As Huckleberry grows, this process gets more and more complicated. For better or worse, all of our Ethiopian coffees shipped a bit later than expected; similarly a combination of El Niño and leaf rust created some unexpected changes to our plans with some Central American coffees. Even so, we’ve got a super tasty and interesting lineup in store, with familiar and new coffees from Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Colombia taking center stage.

The gears are rolling for some great, brand new coffees to be available on shelves in two or three weeks. By the first or second week of June we should have both Ardi, our go-to fruit bomb of an Ethiopian natural, and the return of Las Brisas from Colombia, which will complement Resguardo as we wait for coffees from Central America. Those will be followed by some stellar washed Ethiopian coffees, then transition into Guatemalan and Kenyan coffees by late June/early July.

Part of the reason we bring in new coffees is to compliment the solid line up of offerings we know you already love. This will likely be the last or next-to-last week of Zelelu, so grab a cup of that key lime, melon, and honey goodness one more time this season, before you miss your chance.

Keep on brewing tasty coffee, and when you have a chance, browse our offerings and check out what's coming down the line this summer!

Kevin Nealon
Kevin Nealon


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