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Sister Winter Holiday Blend

Each year when the temperatures start to dip and we see snow in the mountains, Huckleberry celebrates with our Sister Winter blend. Among other things, winter is a time for gathering with friends and family, sharing good food and warm drinks.

We want to help you serve up something that pleases the whole crowd, from the more traditional coffee drinkers who love milk and sugar to your 22 year old cousin who just landed his first barista gig and really wants to tell you about the fifth pourover cone in his collection.  It's also pretty important to us that each year, Sister Winter pairs well with fireside chatter and some good ol' American bourbon. We're here to help you tolerate your Aunt Glenda or Uncle Steve if you need to make a detour to the liquor cabinet after filling your mug.

This year, we blended together two of our favorite coffees from Guatemala and Ethiopia.  Doña Lucinda from Lake Atitlán provides a lovely base of approachable sweetness, and a natural processed Guji from Sidama, Ethiopia packs a punch of berries and tropical fruit.  Together, we think these coffees taste of the holidays - sweet baked goods, chocolate, a bit of spice, and a pleasant mix of berries and dried fruit.  Sorta like fruitcake, but that elusive fruitcake that you actually want to eat (or in this case, drink).

The holidays are also about giving for us, and each year, a portion of the proceeds from Sister Winter benefits a cause we care about.  For the third year in a row, Sister Winter sales will help the AProCafé Growers Association (Doña Lucinda's coop!) in its efforts to improve infrastructure and combat coffee leaf rust, a coffee disease that has wrecked havoc on Central American coffee farms for the last several years.  Over the years we've helped the association purchase organic leaf rust treatments, and we're currently using last year's Sister Winter funds to help AProCafé build drying beds to improve its coffee processing.

Good coffee, helping good people continue to make a life growing good coffee.


Pictured: Lucinda Puac Pérez; Danilo, Carlos, Manuel and Pedro from AProCafé testing bed #1 of many.


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