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Peru Familia Peralta


Peru is one of the most promising coffee producing countries in the world right now, with both loads of quality and tons of untapped potential. With the world’s second highest mountain range running North-South through the country, Peru has the altitude to continue producing great coffee in the face of global warming, the country has largely embraced organic farming practices, and as the coffee industry works to single out small farmers from the country’s tradition for large, regional lots, we’re tasting some true gems. This is year 4 for us showcasing the Peralta family's delicious coffee.

Mavila Peralta spearheads coffee processing on her family's plot, but also incorporates coffees from her brother's and mother's adjoining plots, and their coffee is a dependable balance of approachable, milk-friendly flavors and complimentary fruit. We’re tasting brown sugar, blackberry, pear, nougat, and pastry in our mugs. The fruit’s a bit more pronounced than in years past, but traditional sweetness is still the star of the show.. 

We’re excited to work towards the future with the Peraltas and the other farmers in the larger Origin Coffee Lab network. Origin is an exporter dedicated to transparency, farmer assistance, fair pricing, and full traceability, and we roast coffees from their network throughout our lineup, from microlots like this from the Peraltas, to community and cooperative blends in Blue Orchid, Sound and Vision, and Civitas. While great farm location, varieties, and farm practices are undeniably a huge factor, there’s always some level of chance when it comes to microlot-quality coffee. So it’s important to us to not just cherry-pick from the top, but also support growers at a level that’s a bit more attainable without the fortune of good luck. This is our ideal purchase model, and close to what we strive for in other origins like Guatemala: commit to buying coffee from a group of farmers at a level they can consistently attain, and showcase the gems. 

Familia Peralta is sweet and approachable, but juicy and complex enough to keep things interesting, and it's great to have this everyday drinker back for another year at Huck.

*** For roasting schedule, shipping, receiving & additional information, please visit out Frequently Asked Questions . And, for a primer on coffee processing, check out our Processing Basics Guide. *** 

📸: Mavila Peralta

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