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Peru El Lechero Yellow Caturra


Our third single origin Peru of the 2023 harvest comes from Ulises Nayra and Victoria Ramos at Finca El Lechero, and we’re stoked to have their yellow caturra back at Huck after a one year gap!  

We source our Peruvian coffees through Origin Coffee Lab, and when we first visited back in 2021, we tasted one coffee, that prompted a very quick “whoa, what is that?” Floral and vibrant, not quite Gesha-level intensity, but definitely moving in that same direction, and different than what we had expected. That coffee was a yellow caturra variety from Ulises and Victoria, and luckily, Ulises was actually delivering more coffee to Origin at the same time we were cupping. It was a no-brainer to chat, then visit his farm a few days later.

Caturra - typically bearing red cherries - is a fairly common coffee variety throughout Latin America, prized for both solid productivity and a sweet, if more traditional, flavor profile. But there is a mutation of caturra that produces yellow cherries, and when kept separate and processed with care, it can be a completely distinct experience. Floral, bright, complex, and delicate. It’s not quite at the intensity level of a Gesha or Pink Bourbon, but it’s a unique experience, and arguably a mellower, easier drinker than those other two, currently-fashionable varieties.

Last year we took a break from singling out Ulises’ + Victoria’s coffees, but this year, they worked with Merci Fernandez and the team at Origin to fine-tune the process a bit. While in many cases we love coffees fermented in-cherry, after tasting early examples we asked (and committed to buy, regardless of quality) El Lechero to depulp immediately upon harvest, then extend the fermentation after depulping. This lends to a more delicate cup, but one that lets the florality and brightness of the variety shine a bit brighter.

El Lechero is named after a tree on the farm that produces a milky sap when cut, and while we called this coffee “Ulises Nayra” two years ago, this is truly a family effort. Ulises and Victoria oversee both coffee and granadilla production on the farm, their son Dilver works in Origin’s cupping lab in San Ignacio, and Ulises mother Esperanza and stepfather Maximiliano live just down the road, with family members helping on both farms.

We’re digging El Lechero for not just its elegant complexity, but also its uniqueness from our other Perus - chocolatey Familia Peralta and fruity La Pomarrosa. Sugar cookie sweetness, black currant and blackberry fruitiness, key lime acidity, and soft florals for the win.

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Pictured: Ulises Nayra and Victoria Ramos

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