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Guatemala Don Zabala Microlot

Over the past several years, the AProCafé El Grano growers association in Guatemala has been a bedrock of our coffee lineup.  These growers produce our Atitlán El Grano coffee, which we love dearly, but we've also been working on some other projects with the cooperative so that we can grow together.  

One of the cornerstones of that collaboration has been a single farmer microlot program. We’ve had the pleasure of roasting coffee from individual farmers in the group for the past few years, paying a premium for these coffees and coordinating the buying for a few other roasters in the United States. This year, our first farmer is new to the Huckleberry lineup, and his name is Carlos Zabala.

While Carlos is new to Huck, this is his second year participating in the microlot program - last year other roasters showcased his coffee. This year, however, we couldn’t pass - in part because we invested in some some new drying infrastructure on his farm, in part because you can’t talk to Carlos for more than 2 minutes without him cracking a joke, and in part because this year’s coffee is delicious.

Every year we use a portion of proceeds from our holiday blend to support AProCafé, and this past year, we used some of those funds to help the group build raised drying beds. The hope is that by slowing down drying, the coffee will stay fresh, longer. In Carlos’ case though, drying beds weren’t only a quality measure; they were a necessity. Following a major earthquake off the coast of Guatemala and heavy rain and erosion, part of Carlos’ drying patio essentially fell off the side of the mountain. No joke. Carlos was able to dry some of his coffee on his remaining patio, and some on new drying beds. Huck purchased all of Carlos’ raised bed coffee this year.

So, we’re kicking off AProCafé microlot season with Don Zabala. Sweet flavors of dried apricot, fall spice, and nougat, complemented by balanced orange brightness. Tasty coffee, dried on raised beds you helped purchase with last year’s Sister Winter, and grown by a seriously hilarious farmer with a straight balling last name.

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