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El Salvador Productores Cafénor


Cafénor is relatively new sourcing for Huck, but back for year two, and we hope for the long haul!

Cafénor is the brainchild of Alejandro Valiente, and after spending some time with Alejandro and the Cafénor team this past February, we're hooked. Alejandro grew up producing coffee, and after cutting his teeth setting up Central America operations for a larger multinational exporter, he returned home with the goal of doing things right. He's a true believer in the push for more environmentally- and economically-sustainable coffee, and Cafénor puts carbon neutrality and farmer payments first and foremost in its coffee mission. 

Cafénor works with a dedicated group of growers in the Metapan area year-after-year, coordinating group purchases of farming inputs and equipment, and aiming to deliver 80-85% of the final export price directly to the farmer. Millers and exporters (including the fair ones!) usually absorb a significantly larger cut of the export price. Moreover, Cafénor is fully carbon neutral, and the mill - where the team both processes and dries cherry from certain growers, and mills dried coffee for export, runs entirely on solar and wind power. It definitely does take the team a bit longer to mill coffee for export, given the limitations of a self-contained operation with limited electric supply, but it's a price they're willing to pay for the bigger picture.

Here at Huck, there’s no question that we love fruity, bright, complex coffees. But we also appreciate coffee that just tastes like good coffee, and that’s where this washed lot from the Productores (producers) de Cafénor hits. Sweet, straight-forward, no surprises. Just a damn good, pleasant Central American coffee, and one of theless-fruity coffee in our single origin lineup right now. There’s a touch of yellow apple and citrus there, but milk-friendly nougat, chocolate wafer, and toasted almond flavors are the stars of the cup here. 

Beyond this washed lot from the group, we’re also looking forward to a fruitier, honey-processed Pacamara, but all in due time. With Productores Cafénor, we’re here to enjoy some straightforward, but delicious coffee from sustainably-minded folks.

*** For roasting schedule, shipping, receiving & additional information, please visit out Frequently Asked Questions . And, for a primer on coffee processing, check out our Processing Basics Guide. *** 

Pictured: Alejandro Valiente

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