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Colombia Israel Hernandez GESHA


Huckleberry's own Avery Leith is competing in US Barista Championships serving Israel Hernandez Gesha, and to celebrate, we're knocking $4 off this delicious coffee for its final two roasts!

Bright, floral, complex and delicious, Israel Hernandez Gesha returns to Huck just in time for the holidays!

Huckleberry Roasters invests in people. We value longterm growing partners just as much as we value truly special coffee. So, for Huck, it's important that our Gesha offerings reflect both of those values. We have been sourcing Las Brisas from the town of Rioblanco in Tolima, Colombia since 2014, and tasted Israel Hernandez's very first harvest of Gesha during an origin trip in 2017. This is our second year roasting this delicious, floral coffee from Israel.

Israel Hernandez has been farming since 2005, and purchased his first Gesha trees in 2016. When we tasted his coffee at Caravela's Rioblanco warehouse on our visit three summers ago, we were floored by the coffee's florality and clean tropical flavors. It stood out not just among the more traditional varieties (which were clean and delicious, too!), but also stood head and shoulders over a few other Geshas.

After our first dive into roasting Israel's Gesha last year, we're stoked on year two. This crop might be even more tasty than the last, bursting with lemon-lime candy, fruit loops, and florals - delicate, limited, complex, and delicious!

Obsesso Processo Design helped us make this coffee truly stand out, designing an 8 oz retail jar that pops just as hard as the coffee in the cup. Featuring bright green colors and a playful homage to the coffee supply chain - from farmer to barista, and Israel himself - it's coffee that looks as good as we think it tastes.

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