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Roaster's Choice - Classic Coffee


We get it, we get you. You have your favorite pair of pants, why change them out? You have your daily routines, why switch them up? You have your great friendships, do you really need more? Life is a mystery and enough of a challenge already, your coffee shouldn't add to that; it just needs to be tasty...day in, day out.

What to expect: The coffee will be light-medium to medium brown in color. The beans will come from a single origin and carefully roasted to highlight amazing, classic flavors from that country, region and farm. These are some of our favorite coffees! They'll have big mouthfeel and strong notes of milk chocolate, caramel, roasted almonds to balance out subtle fruit notes. These coffees will be delicious black, but can also stand up to cream (yum!). They will also make a delightful espresso shot! There's nothing wrong with knowing what you like, so enjoy the creature comforts of tasty coffee.  

Subscribers: We'll change these coffees on the first of every month! So if you've ordered a biweekly subscription, your coffees will change every other shipment. If you've ordered a monthly subscription, you'll have a new coffee every four weeks.

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