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You & Whose Army? Raising Money. Doing Some Good.

by Koan Goedman April 28, 2017

You & Whose Army? Raising Money. Doing Some Good.

We firmly believe that, in the long term, the arc of the moral universe bends towards justice. We also believe, however, that there are times when we are all called to actively aid with the bending. 

Huckleberry has never been shy about being honest and upfront about the values that drive our company forward. In some cases, we raise funds for our long-time coffee producing partners in Guatemala through our seasonal Sister Winter Holiday Blend. In other cases, we partner with Sprudge and ACLU to take a stand against anti-immigration policies.

More specifically, the changes brought on by the last presidential election have changed the political climate in a way we find dangerous in the short term and counter-productive in the long term. Rather than stew about it for years and feel frustrated by not being able to "do anything because we're coffee people", we have made the decision to harness the power of our coffee relationships and the passion of the coffee community to turn our collective despair into action. If you're feeling similarly, we invite you to join us as we partner with local artists to launch our new fundraising blend, You And Whose Army?.

For this blend, we are donating a portion of every bag sold to a charity we believe deserves attention and a helping hand for the work they are doing. Each unique label design benefits a new cause, chosen together by Huckleberry and the featured artist. 

To kick off the You and Whose Army? fundraising efforts, we have partnered with Colorado based artist Olive Moya of Olive Illustration to raise funds for Planned Parenthood. Not only did Olive design this color-popping label, but she also transformed a boring white wall at our 4301 Pecos Street cafe into a radical mural. You should absolutely check it out!

Coffee wise, You and Whose Army? is a blend of washed Latin American and Ethiopian coffees blended for filter brewing. It'll work for espresso, too as long as you like bright and fruity espresso shots. The current blend is 50% Colombia Nariño Consaca and 50% Ethiopia Sidama Guji. In your cups, look for chocolate, caramel, raspberry lemonade, and floral flavors.

So, yes, we're coffee people - not lawyers, political lobbyists or grassroots organizers - but we're determined to still make a difference! Times of change also call for steadying cups of tasty coffee to awaken your democratic spirit. After all, the only thing that’s ever changed the world is a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens.

To keep with our tradition of naming all blends after songs we like, this blends is named after a fantastic Radiohead song. 

We ride tonight.

Koan Goedman
Koan Goedman


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