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Crunching Leaves and Drinking Huckleberry Beans

by Mark Mann October 28, 2016

Crunching Leaves and Drinking Huckleberry Beans

October has ushered a season of change for Huckleberry, as we've moved our roasting operation and welcomed The Coffee Workshop into our Pecos flagship cafe. We've been out in the community sharing the autumnal tastes of our signature blends and single origin brews. A few weekends ago we served tons delicious coffee at the Grand Coffee Bazaar (a consumer facing event showcasing the specialty coffee scene in Denver). Hopefully you were able to make it out and try some of our incredible roasts and sample other local coffee roasters' offerings. It was a sparkling day of warm drinks, good friends, and coffee lovers uniting to support the Denver coffee scene. We'll keep you posted on upcoming opportunities to swing bye and say hi to your Huckleberry friends at community events throughout the fall and winter.

Our Huckleberry coffee offerings for the end of October into November remain balanced between unique roasts that challenge the palate and familiar favorites that please all coffee drinkers. Our Doña Lucinda roast is almost out as a single origin coffee for the year. Luckily, there are more exciting coffees on the AProCafé horizon. We'll soon roast our last batches of Doña and overlap with our next single farmer microlot, Don Pedro.

Don Pedro is a compelling microlot because the beans have an appealing taste and this is our first year roasting Pedro Trejo's coffee. Like Lucinda and Manuel Tzic (more to come on these mircolots in December), Pedro is one of the AProCafé farmers who washes and dries his coffee. We brewed it up all day at the Grand Coffee Bazaar and those who enjoyed a cup found it balanced and sweet with honey-roast nut and apple butter flavor, while also really clean and bright.

In November, the Doña beans will play a new role as the star of this year's Sister Winter holiday blend. We're releasing this year's Sister Winter blend in time to grace the Thanksgiving table and we're hopeful it's our most balanced incarnation yet. Using mostly Lucinda beans for a base flavor of pastry, caramel, and baking spice, we've added a bit of Ethiopia Ardi beans to create a fruity pop of flavor. We think it tastes like a truly inspired version of homemade fruitcake. Like last year, a portion of sales from this blend will benefit AProCafé's leaf rust prevention efforts.

Winter will bring some intriguing coffees from the Southern Hemisphere into the Huckleberry coffee lineup, but until then, look for the Sister Winter Holiday blend and grab a bag for you and one to brew after your Thanksgiving feast. Sip that satisfying coffee, crunch the last of the fallen leaves, and prepare for winter's frost with your favorite Huckleberry roasts.  

Mark Mann
Mark Mann


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