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Caffeinated Fatherhood

by Koan Goedman June 22, 2017

Caffeinated Fatherhood

A little something different on the Huckleberry blog today...

Being a father/papa to a couple of amazing mini-me's is super rad. Being a business owner to a few growing small businesses is super rad, also. Finding a graceful, reasonable and healthy balance between the constant tug of the two can be elusive!

A very old coffee acquaintance of ours, Keziah of Baby Rose Photography, thinks that I don't do a terrible job of it (tricked her!). She asked me to wax philosophical about the challenges & benefits of doing dad stuff and work stuff, and sometimes doing them together. Side note: In a timely Yelp review, I now know that some people don't like the personal and professional worlds to mix because they hate cute AF little kids having fun in public! Gasp! I can only assume that said Yelper also hates puppies, doesn't believe in unicorns, cheers for the Yankees and likes Red Delicious apples.  : )

Anyway, if you're so inclined for a change of pace, feel free to head over to the Beauty & Lifestyle feature and read about how I try to balance fatherhood and business ownership! And...please, please, please...if one of your fathers out there has tricks/tip/wisdoms to share, please do because, most of the time, I struggle to balance it all.




Koan Goedman
Koan Goedman


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