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Art, Community, Tasty Coffee and Trick or Treat

by Kevin Nealon October 27, 2014

Art, Community, Tasty Coffee and Trick or Treat

This Friday we were lucky enough to hang artwork by some of Denver's barista community and we're excited to have a chance to show off some of our friends' non-latte art talent, including the new roastery mural by our very own April. If you haven't yet, and can make it up to Pecos in the next month, it's worth the trip.  

Halloween cheers and art aside, we have a few upcoming changes in our coffee lineup. We cut into our last bag of Pueblos Mayas de Atitlán from Guatemala this week, which means we'll only be roasting that coffee for another few weeks. This coffee has been great for us, super approachable, but with great fruity nuance - and as a result, we've been roasting it a lot quicker than we had initially expected. 
FEDEPMA, the cooperative that grows this coffee, is doing great work around the shores of Lake Atitlán, and Huckleberry is looking forward to strengthening our relationship with this producer group for upcoming harvests.  

Though we're only a month or two away from Southern Hemisphere arrivals, we're committed to keeping a well-rounded lineup of coffees, from eye-openers like Gondo to easier yet impressive coffees like Pueblos Mayas. We've been blind cupping a lot of promising Central American coffees, so look out for a new offering from the Americas over the next couple weeks.

Peruvian coffees landed early this fall, and we're excited to roast coffee from the El Palto cooperative in Northern Peru. Rather than offer the cooperative's coffee as a whole, this week we'll be sample roasting and cupping a few single producer lots, with the goal of bringing in one standout coffee in the next 2-3 weeks. We don't have a farmer name just yet, but stay tuned!

Kevin Nealon
Kevin Nealon


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