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Unique Colombian Coffee Salvador Vargas

by Kevin Nealon February 09, 2016

Unique Colombian Coffee Salvador Vargas

We have a special coffee that will only be available for a limited time: a new Colombian coffee called (and grown by a man named) Salvador Vargas.

This coffee is unique and exclusive for several reasons. Virmax is a Colombian export company that focuses on small producer groups.  Las Brisas is a Virmax coffee, and in addition to farmer group coffees, Virmax cups its individual producers' coffees, selecting only a few farmers each year for its Las Mingas microlot program, and Salvador Vargas is one of the few and the proud this year.

This lot is 100% Caturra.  This is a variety of coffee that's becoming increasingly rare in Colombia.  With the spread of leaf rust and other climate change-related coffee diseases, more farmers are forced to grow disease-resistant hybrid varieties that can taste good, but definitely taste different.  This lot may be a bit of a dying breed, and it's a great example of caturra - clean, sweet, with balanced acidity.

It just tastes good.  While it doesn't pack the florals of Zelelu or some Gesha-variety coffees, Vargas is a damn good example of what a Colombian coffee can be.  Cocoa and caramel, bright green apple and a bit of citrus, red plum, a bit of spicy complexity.

This coffee is only available at our cafes, online, and at one wholesale partner: Methodical Coffee in Greenville, SC.

Get a cup while it's here and savor the unique and delicious flavor of our Salvador Vargas coffee.

Kevin Nealon
Kevin Nealon


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