Uganda Sipi Falls Washed

Finally, Sipi Falls Washed is here to join Sipi Falls Natural! Like its fruitier counterpart, this washed lot is grown by farmers in the village of Gamatui and processed at the Sipi Falls Washing Station. We're tasting buttercotch, shortbread cookie, apricot, and tangerine - this coffee is bright, round, and sweet.

This year we knew our coffees from Sipi Falls were going to be delayed a bit. Because the washing station is producing more and more natural-process coffee, we were able to hop onto a slightly earlier shipment for Sipi Falls Natural. But we've grown fond of a special preparation in our washed Sipi, so we had to wait for this coffee.

Most of the coffee from Sipi Falls is washed using an eco-pulper - a machine that can remove the coffee's sticky mucilage without fermentation to break down the sugars and pectin. These machines are great in that they use far less water than the typical washing process, but in our opinion, fermentation - done slightly differently at every farm or washing station - adds something special to the coffee. Sipi Falls does produce a few microlots with extended fermentation before eco-pulping, and over the past few years we've honed in on these extended fermentation lots. The one downside is that this year, we couldn't hop on an earlier shipment because there wasn't an earlier shipment.

This year’s washed Sipi Falls has crisp tangerine acidity, balanced with apricot and butterscotch sweetness and a creamy, buttery mouthfeel. Well worth the wait!



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