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Sulawesi Tana Toraja


Tana Toraja is one of those coffees that has the potential to change one's preconceptions about an entire growing region.  This coffee comes to us from the town of Tana Toraja, on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia, and is one of the cleanest, most pleasant Indonesian coffees we've tried to date.  This coffee has the full body and subtle spiciness that lovers of other Indonesian coffees will enjoy, but also has a clean, chocolate and cola sweetness that is a welcome surprise.

The farmers around the community of Tana Toraja bring their coffee cherry to a centralized wet mill called TOARCO, where it is processed using a washing technique more similar to Central America than most other parts of Indonesia.  Tana Toraja is dried slowly, in its parchment, rather than wet-hulled.  The process of removing coffee's parchment - a final, husk-like layer covering the bean - before drying, does accelerate drying in Indonesia's humid climate, but also contributes to musty, earthy flavors and premature fading of the beans' better qualities.  By leaving the parchment on, and slowing down the drying process, TOARCO helps create flavors that we at Huckleberry strongly prefer.

Tana Toraja is an outstanding coffee that will please coffee drinkers who love big, full-bodied Indonesian coffees, but will also be a great option folks who tend to prefer clean and sweet Central American coffees.  It's a crowd pleaser, too.  We love drinking it black, but this coffee's rich flavors and heavy mouthfeel also hold up well to a bit of milk or cream. 

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