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Rwanda Ruli Natural

Late winter into spring is a time for Southern Hemisphere coffees to shine, and we're stoked to kick off Southern Hemisphere Africas with two Rulis! This natural lot is a smaller offering that we’ll only offer on the Huckleberry webstore and at our cafés.

Dukundekawa Musasa is one of the larger cooperatives in Rwanda, and they group their producers into smaller cells. This year both natural and washed lots from the Ruli cell were standouts, and while buying large amounts of natural from a new-to-us source is risky, we do wish we had a touch more of this juicy, strawberry-forward natural. Over the past few years, we’ve sourced our washed Rwandan coffees through Artisan Coffee Imports, and this is the first season we’ve brought in a natural through them. Hopefully more to come!

One of the reasons we love Rwandan coffee is that the country is planted almost entirely in Bourbon, a coffee variety that lends a deep, sugary, syrupy sweetness with red fruit tones.  Variety, rich red clay soil, meticulous picking and sorting, and careful processing all work together to layer that sweetness with sparkling acidity complexity. 

Ruli Natural is hits you straight away with the fruit, especially strawberry and grape. But, there’s a bit of hefty sweetness there, too in the form of shortbread and chocolate wafer. This is a small lot of coffee, so we expect it’ll be here for a good time, not a long time, and we’d suggest sipping the natural side-by-side with the washed while you have the chance!

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