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Rwanda Kanzu

Huckleberry Roasters

As little as 3-5 years ago, quite a few of us coffee folks looked down on Southern Hemisphere African coffees in comparison to early summer arrivals from Ethiopia and Kenya.  Luckily for us, Rwanda and Burundi are producing some of the world's best, most interesting, and seemingly constantly improving coffees, and sending a strong message to check those old preconceptions at the door.  Kanzu's back in Huckleberry's lineup for the second year, and we think it's g-d delicious.

Kanzu comes to us from the Nyamesheke district on the southern shore of Rwanda's Lake Kivu.  One of the reasons we love Rwandan coffee is that the Lake Kivu area is planted almost entirely in Bourbon, a coffee variety that lends great Rwandan coffees like Kanzu a deep, sugary, syrupy sweetness.  Beyond variety though, Kanzu is blessed by great growing conditions and great work.  The Kanzu washing station sits at 1900 meters above sea level, with many of its farmers bringing their coffee cherry down from even higher in the Nyamesheke hills.  These incredibly high altitudes, combined with excellent harvesting and farming practices, and world-class processing at the washing station, contribute to Kanzu's sparkling brightness and sweet, clean flavors.  

Aleco Chigounis of Red Fox Coffee Merchants works with the Kanzu washing station to separate out lots from specific weeks of Rwanda's harvest, each with subtle differences.  This year we chose a lot from week 12, and we couldn't be more excited to roast and brew it for you.  Deep maple syrup sweetness, cranberry and lemondrop candy brightness, refreshing floral complexity. It's our second year roasting Kanzu, and we're stoked again.


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