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Rwanda Gasharu Natural


Rwanda natural, who dis? Last year we brought in Gasharu as our first natural Rwanda, and it’s back for year two!

Umuko Coffee and Gasharu Washing Station are part of the same family business. Jean Christophe (Chris) Rutasira runs Umuko, the US-based importing side of the business, but his family began farming in Rwanda in the 1970s. Over the past two decades, has expanded beyond Gasharu farm to buying and processing coffee from their neighbors. In this case, Huck’s natural was grown by smallholder farmers in Nyamesheke Province, and processed at Gasharu Station.

One of the reasons we love Rwandan coffee is that the Lake Kivu area is planted almost entirely in Bourbon and similar varieties that lend a deep, sugary, syrupy sweetness.  Variety, rich red clay soil, meticulous picking and sorting, and careful processing all work together to layer that sweetness with tangy complexity. And while all the above applies to washed coffees, too, the well-done natural process here adds a punch of intensity to the fruity flavors. 

We’re tasting tropical fruit and raspberry, bright and sugary orange drink (T@ng, specifically, but we can’t put that on the bags), and hibiscus florality in this year’s Gasharu. Year two is tasty af!


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Photos courtesy Umuko Coffee

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