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PNG Aparila


At Huckleberry, we prize clean sweetness in all the coffees we roast. For better or worse though, coffees from the Pacific Islands - Indonesia and Papua New Guinea -  often bring a lot more earthiness and funk to the table than we’re looking for. Luckily, PNG in particular can produce some coffees with Africa-like citrus and fruit and deep, clean sweetness reminiscent of the best coffees from Colombia, and Aparila is one of them.

This coffee comes to us from Papua New Guinea's Eastern Highlands, and specifically the village of Aparila. The 200 or so farmers who grow this coffee primarily focus on sustenance farming, but the small amount of coffee they produce is one of the few sources of cash income to purchase goods that they cannot grow. 

The farmers from Aparila deliver their coffee to the Colbran family, who have been at the forefront of both quality and traceability in Papua New Guinea since the early 2000s. The family’s Baroida Estate has long grown some of PNG’s best coffees in its own right, and over the past decade or so, the family has purchased coffee from farmers in the outlying communities, paying high prices and maintaining full traceability for the best lots.

Aparila has balance in spades. It packs a deep, gingersnap cookie-like sweetness that helps it stand up to milk and win over more traditional coffee drinkers, but also has date and candied orange pop. Bridging the span between approachability and excitement , we’re looking forward to brewing up Aparila on the regular this winter.

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