Peru El Pepino


El Pepino is Huck’s 2nd Peru for the year, and it’s just tasty, approachable coffee. We’re picking up chocolate, nectarine, subtle orange, and almond in a coffee that’s a bit bright, but also sweet and comforting.

For the past several years, coffees from the small village of Laurel, in Peru’s San Ignacio province, have been a mainstay of the Huckleberry lineup. We work with Origin Coffee Lab, an exporter dedicated to transparency, farmer assistance, fair pricing, and full traceability, and they help us source excellent coffee from Aldea Laurel, including gems like El Pepino and our other Peru single origin this year, Mavila Peralta.

Coffee is an agricultural product, and it can be fickle. While good practices help create good luck, one year a farmer might produce eye-popping, exceptional coffee, and the next year their coffee might just be very good, often due to factors outside their control. Is it ideal? No. Is it okay? Yes, and it’s just reality. So whenever possible, we try to purchase the coffee that farmers can produce year-after-year with average luck, while also picking out the truly exceptional lots that are a combination of good practices and good luck.

In this case, we commit to a relatively large amount of very good, mixed producer coffee from the Aldea Laurel community, and this forms a backbone of Blue Orchid, Civitas, and Sound and Vision for half of the year. Origin Coffee Lab then gives us the chance to cherry-pick from within the community, selecting individual farms to highlight on their own. This year we’re highlighting coffee grown by Mavila Peralta and this lot produced by Florian Padilla.

The Padilla family is earning a reputation for quality here at Huck. Last year we roasted Finca La Mandarina (orange), from Florian’s brother Ismael, but this year Finca El Pepino (cucumber) was our favorite non-coffee-crop-named farm from the community. We’re tasting stone fruit, chocolate, almond, and citrus in this coffee that’s definitely bright, but also comforting and milk-friendly.

Mavila Peralta was a great first Peru for the year, and we’re excited to keep the ball rolling with El Pepino!

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