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Peru Don Sebastian

Peru is a country with enormous potential for great coffee, and we've been lucky to taste more and more exceptional coffees from the country each year we've been roasting. This year when we were tasting coffees from South America, Sebastian Carvajal's sample stood out as a stunner that we couldn't resist.

Peru has a well-deserved reputation for very good, very sweet, very clean coffees, and with high altitude plus lots of great varieties and widespread organic growing practices, most coffee folks agree that there's tons of untapped quality. For better or worse though, the country's coffee industry and its cooperatives have traditionally focused on blending large lots for Fair Trade Organic coffee roasters. Some of these lots are delicious and balanced, and the growers tend to earn a premium as part of FTO cooperatives, but there are undoubtably some gems from individual growers that get buried into nice lots that are sweet and chocolaty, but lack some distinctiveness.

Luckily, some cooperatives, including Productos y Servicios NorOriente (PRODUSERVIN - doesn't exactly roll off the tonge), have started to separate out individual producers who have exceptional quality, and that's why we're able to roast Sebastian Carvajal's coffee. Don Sebastian farms in the mountains of San Jose de Lourdes, a district in northern Peru's Cajamarca region, and his coffee has the comforting and clean sweetness that Peru is known for, plus some truly mouthwatering flavors. 

We think this coffee has something for everyone. Like coffees more on the adventurous side? Don Sebastian packs red berry brightness and tropical fruit complexity that we typically find in East African coffees. Like your coffee traditional and balanced, and maybe with a bit of milk? Don Sebastian fills that niche, too, with pastry and sweet caramel flavors that are more expectedly Latin American. All in all it's a bit bright, a bit fruity, and a lot sweet, balanced, and delicious.


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