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Nicaragua Las Colinas

Las Colinas comes to us from two growers in the northwest corner of Nicaragua, Alba Luiz Herrera López and Alberto Javier Ramos Gutierrez, and we're stoked to have this well-balanced, sweet addition to our lineup. If you've dug Latin American mainstays like Atitlán el Grano, or like your coffee to taste like coffee, but a great version of those traditional flavors, Las Colinas might be your jam.

Nicaragua doesn't necessarily have the best reputation for quality, in part due to some unique purchase and drying practices in the country. Unlike Guatemala, where growers tend to hand in just-picked cherry to a central washing station, or Colombia, where growers tend to wash and dry their coffees themselves, in Nicaragua it is common practice to wash coffee on farm, then deliver wet coffee to a central drying facility. Those drying facilities typically blend coffees into untraceable lots and dry too quickly, or the coffee sits wet too long before drying and develops defects.

Caravela is working to change all of that. Though Alba and Alberto still deliver wet parchment, Caravela built their drying facility, Beneficio La Estrella, close to its farmers. This makes it easier for farmers to deliver parchment the day it is washed, rather than pooling multiple days of coffee together.  Additionally, Caravela has built something truly unique at La Estrella. While blended lots and huge patios for quick drying are the norm, Caravela has built a huge system of raised, covered drying beds. This makes it easier to both keep small lots of coffee separate, and also slows down the drying process for optimal drying. We've been incredibly happy with the work Caravela does in Colombia, and are stoked to have them as a partner in great coffee in Nicaragua now, too.

Drying details are for coffee nerds, but we feel like this coffee is for everyone. While some of our other coffees have wild fruity flavors and sparkling acidity, Las Colinas is an approachable but tasty version of traditional coffee flavors. There's a tinge of soft fruit that will keep the geeks interested, but loads of sweet, milk-friendly flavors that also make this the perfect for your grandpa who doesn't want his coffee to taste like anything out of the ordinary, or a great launching point from traditional blends into single origins. But, even as folks who like complexity, we also dig great tasting coffee that tastes like, well, coffee. And we'll be filling our brewers with Las Colinas quite a lot these next few months. 

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