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Mexico Triunfo Verde

This is the first year that Huckleberry has roasted coffee from the Triunfo Verde Cooperative, but the group has always been on our radar. The growers that make up Triunfo Verde have been at the forefront of quality coffee and sustainable growing practices in Southwest Mexico for way longer than Huckleberry has been a company.

“Triunfo Verde” translates to “Green Triumph,” and sustainable, organic farming practices have been at the group’s core since it was founded in 1999. The 486 farmers in the cooperative are based around the outskirts of the Triunfo Verde Nature Reserve in Chiapas, and are proud stewards of the diversity and environment in that reserve.

This particular lot comes from growers who are newer to the cooperative, and transitioning to certified organic. This means that the farmers are using organic practices, but the certification process can take up to 7 years.

Triunfo Verde is a crowd-pleaser for sure. Approachable, with no surprises and mellower acidity, and friendly as can be for milk. We taste walnut, milk chocolate, dried plum, and honey.

Looking for a good coffee for a crowd? Adding a bit of cream? Triunfo Verde is the ticket. If you always lean towards the bright, in-your-face-coffees from East Africa, we have other coffees that will fit that niche, but if you’re looking for a mellower cup with fewer surprises, this Mexico is for you.

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