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Mexico Mazateca


Central America season is starting to swing at Huck, and Mazateca is back and joining the fold!

This year's Mazateca is balanced and sweet, with fresh fig fruitiness, pastry and dulce de leche sweetness, blood orange-like brightness, and a creamy body. Definitely a great, traditional coffee to pair with milk, but also plenty of complexity for those of us who like to drink it black.

Despite being one of the more economically-developed countries in Latin America and having some amazing coffee-growing terrain, Mexico is a tough place to source excellent coffee. In powerhouses like Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia, and Kenya, the government often takes a keen interest in developing the coffee sector. In Mexico, there's little to no government-involvement, so producers have little access to agronomic training and little support getting to market, despite having amazing potential.

Moreover, Oaxaca's Sierra Mazateca is one of the more remote coffee-growing regions of the world, and far from an easy place to work. Spanish takes a back seat to Mayan dialects, and while the coffees can be exceptional, small farms often produce so little coffee that it's hard to justify exporting. Luckily, Frida Mendoza, her company Terra Coffeas, and our import partners Osito Coffee put in the work, traveling to meet smallholder farmers and building great-tasting coffees from multiple tiny, tiny nanolots. Our coffee comes from several of these smaller farms in the Sierra Mazateca.

Creamy, sweet, and approachable, with brightness and fig-like fruitiness to keep things lively, this is a great option for folks who love easy-drinking Latin American coffee!

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