Kenya Kiarewa


For our second Kenya of the 2020 harvest, we're turning from cooperatives to a single farm, Kiarewa Estate in Kenya's famed Nyeri County.

While it's easy to hear the word "estate" and think of a sprawling, luxurious, plantation-like farm, in Kenya the term applies to both a select few very large farms and many more smaller, modest family-run plots. Kiarewa is one of the latter, a small farm owned and operated by Stanley Karuri Kogi and his family.

While most small farmers deliver coffee cherry to cooperatives for further processing, more and more Kenyan farmers have invested in their own washing and drying infrastructure. Over the past few years, changes at Kenya's Coffee Board have made it much easier for these small farms to separate and market their coffee, and for us coffee roasters to seek out their coffees.

Kenya is famous for sorting its coffee by screen size, with AA being the largest, followed by AB, and finally PB, or the peaberry beans that grow one per cherry, rather than the typical two. While many times we'll purchase just one of these screen sizes from a particular farm or cooperative, this year we purchased all three grades from Kiarewa, and we'll cycle through them one-by-one over the course of Kiarewa's time at Huck.

We're currently roasting the second-biggest beans, Kiarewa AB, and we're tasting red currant, molasses, cranberry, and orange in our mugs. Big, juicy, bright, and sweet.

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