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Kenya Karuthi


There's no denying it - we're suckers for juicy, bright, and fruit-forward coffees.  So, we always look forward to new coffees from Kenya, and our second Kenya of the year, Karuthi, is a banger.  Berry lemonade, white grape, and sugarplum flavors in a bright, full-bodied cup.

We were lucky enough to spend some time at the Karuthi factory and at the Othaya Cooperative’s cupping lab and dry mill this January, and we’re pleased to offer two coffees from Othaya this year (we’re following Karuthi with a peaberry from Gatuyaini Factory).  Othaya Farmers Cooperative Society is a group of approximately 10,000 coffee growers in Nyeri County, who deliver their coffee to 17 different factories, or wet mills. 378 of these farmers bring coffee to the cooperative's Karuthi factory, where it is washed in the traditional Kenyan style, and dried slowly on raised beds. 

We’re psyched on Othaya in large part because the society also manages its own dry milling and quality control. While many other factories deliver their coffee to foreign-owned dry mills, Othaya has its own cupping lab and dry mill in Nyeri, so the factories get feedback and have a bit more control over whether their coffees are sold directly to buyers like Huck, or go to auction. Everyone we met at Othaya was great, but it's worth saying that David, who runs the Othaya lab and mill, is the man. Furthermore, Othaya and a few other Cooperative Societies export their coffee collectively as Kenyan Cooperative Coffee Exporters. Kenyan owned, Kenyan operated. And the coffee’s delicious.

This is easily one of the most interesting and complex coffees in our lineup - we taste the juicy citrus pop we've come to expect from the best Kenyans, deep sugary sweetness, and loads of fruit, especially blackberry, plum and white grape.  We’re hyped on our second Kenya of the year and our first of two from the Othaya Farmers Cooperative Society.

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