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Kenya Gichuki


Huck took its first trip to Kenya in early 2019, and we’re stoked to start roasting these coffees! Kenyan coffees are always among our favorites - bright, complex, and uniquely dynamic - and this year we’re excited to put some names behind the amazing flavors.

We’re kicking off our Kenyas with this gem grown by Rachel and Stephen Gichuki at their farm in Nyeri County. We started off our Kenya trip tasting coffee, and Gichuki stood out as one of our favorites among over 40 samples at Kenyan Cooperative Coffee Exporters. It was delicious then, and now that it’s here in the USA, it’s  juicy, sweet, and fruity, with notes of ruby red grapefruit raspberry, currant, and dark honey.

Beyond the cup though, we were also charmed by the farmers, and see a great opportunity for a longterm partnership. Rachel Gichuki, who divides her time between farming and teaching middle school geography up the road, hosted us for a few hours, explaining her challenges, her commitment to environmental sustainability, and her commitment to quality. The none-coffee fruit on her farm is delicious, too.

One of the challenges the Gichukis and many other Kenyan farmers face is theft. Coffee is a great way to make quick cash, and so theft of already-processed coffee is rampant. This past harvest thieves broke into the Gichuki family’s storage room and made off with almost half of the harvest. Huckleberry purchased the remainder. We’ve already added a small premium to the Gichukis’ asking price for their green coffee to help the family invest in improved farm security. And now, we’re planning on sending an extra $0.50 per retail bag direct to Rachel and Stephen so they can make their farm a bit more theft-proof before the next harvest.

Bright, sweet, and juicy coffee? Money straight back to the farmers? What’s not to like? We’re excited for all our Kenyas this year, but especially happy to lead off with this one from the Gichuki family.

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