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Kenya Giakanja

Our second Kenya of 2018 is a stunner from Nyeri: bright pink lemonade, juicy cantaloupe melon, hibiscus, and cane sugar flavors. 
Kenyan coffee always has the potential do be amazing - processing, varieties, soil, elevation, climate all contribute to some of the most unique and complex flavors on the planet. So we always look forward to Kenya season, both for the chance to taste some truly amazing coffees, and the chance to bring the best out of one or two for you. 

This year, Giakanja stood out for us - not just for the juicy acidity that we love in washed Kenyas, but also for a ripe melon quality that we didn't expect. Roughly 1200 farmers in the Giakanja Farmers Cooperative Society produced this gem, and we're looking forward to roasting it up for a little while, and taking the leftovers home with us every chance we get. 

Juicy, dynamic, bright, and complex - Giakanja tastes like pink lemonade, cantaloupe, hibiscus, and sweet sweet sugarcane. While we'll admit that this is not our most dairy-friendly coffee, if you like to drink your coffee black, and like that coffee to provide a bit of excitement, Giakanja is a reason to rejoice.

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