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India Hulikere



India’s been producing coffee longer than any country besides Ethiopia and Yemen, but this is HUCK’s first go at roasting coffee from the world’s most populous country!

Hulikere is one of three Indian coffees we’re roasting this year, and while we’re saving the other two more-exotic offerings for special release, this honey-processed coffee is sweet, balanced, and approachable. 

The Indian coffee industry is largely based around the Robusta coffee species, and is perhaps best-known for the Monsoon Malabar process. While we’re not completely close-minded about Robusta, it’s a different species than Arabica, and we haven’t found one that tastes good enough for us to roast, at least so far. And Monsoon Malabar is a process of intentionally aging coffee in a humid environment. It’s an acquired taste, to put it politely, and it’s a taste we’re not planning on acquiring.

That being said, there are plenty of producers producing - and pushing - specialty Arabica coffee in India, including Shreedev Hulikere, his family farm Hulikere Estate, and their environmentally-focused producer group, KaadKaapi. KaadKaapi is a group that uses specialty coffee production as both an income source and land use to protect animal habitats and migration corridors that might otherwise be jeopardized by development or clear-cut agriculture. Hulikere and the other farms in KaadKaapi sacrifice productivity for extremely dense shade cover, an occasional elephant-trampled coffee shrub or two, and it’s not uncommon to see tigers or their prey amongst the coffee trees.

While most of the credit undoubtedly goes to Hulikere and the growers in India themselves, kudos to David Stallings and the team at Osito Coffee, too. Without David’s interest in seeking out Indian coffee, getting to know the producers over the years, and importing their first Indian coffees to the US this year, we definitely would not have tasted these coffees and been able to roast them here at Huck.

As far as Hulikere goes, sweetness, approachability, and low acidity are the name of the game in this honey-processed coffee. We definitely skew towards some fruitiness and brightness in even our more approachable offerings, so if you’re looking for something a bit different than typical Huck, this will be our least fruity and least acidic coffee this year. We’ll roast up some brightness and berries in other Indias, but we’re tasting just a hint of raisin in Hulikere, with cocoa powder, almond, and honey graham front and center.

 *** for roasting schedule, shipping, receiving & additional information, please visit out Frequently Asked Questions . And, for a primer on coffee processing, check out our Processing Basics Guide. *** 

Photos of Shreedev Hulikere and Hulikere Estate courtesy David Stallings, Osito Coffee.

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