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HUCK x PORT SIDE - Send Coffee & Pastries to Front-Line Workers

** UPDATE : We're pressing pause on this for the moment. Your support has been overwhelming, and we will be fulfilling every order placed, but we were beginning to to schedule too far far out, in fact, that our cafe's will likely be open again -- making the organization/fulfillment of these donations a little trickier! THANK YOU! **

Wanting to do something...wanting to do anything, HUCK called up our best buds at Port Side to brainstorm. Here's what we came up with:

Help us send front-line workers tasty & vital coffee pick-me-ups, along with delicious & sustaining pastries! 

There's a lot of us & you who are at home...staying safe & distanced & finding clever ways to keep spirits up! There's also a lot of people for whom that isn't the case -- they are working as hard as ever, on the front lines, to see us through this Covid 19 pandemic by keeping us healthy, driving our city buses, filling our grocery stores, farming the food we still eat, etc. 

We can't imagine what that must feel like, and what kind of stress it brings...

What we can do is brew tasty coffee, bake yummy pastries and bring them in large quantities to brighten the day/night of front-line workers in Denver, CO!

We will deliver the coffee in 96oz Joe-To-Go's (disposable carafes) with cups, lids, and sugar. We will deliver the pastries (cookies, banana breads, scones, muffins) in lidded boxes. Donate if you're able & what you can -- if you purchase an individual coffee/pastry, the $4.50 will go towards filling a carafe/box, or $35.00 will purchase an entire carafe/box at once.

Full transparency, while we're doing this primarily to feel helpful & is also a way for HUCK to generate some revenue & keep our business open during this unprecedented economic crisis!

Fine Print / Details 

* We have never done this before, so we're going to just figure it out as best we can -- as orders come in. We will keep this page updated as things get figured out! 

* Our current plan is to do delivery Tuesday & Thursday (& maybe Saturday), depending on volume.

* We will likely wait until we have 3 carafe's worth of coffee AND 3 pastry boxes ordered before making a delivery. We want to make it worth everyone's while! 

* We will fairly rotate between bringing donations to health care professionals (hospitals), grocery store staff break rooms, RTD facilities, etc. There are strict visitation rules in place at a lot of these places, so we will call ahead and plan...not just show up!

* If you have a specific place you'd like to send CARAFES of coffee or BOXES of pastries (we won't be able to do this for individual items), please email us directly with your order number, and we will try our BEST

***also, we'd like to shout out to our coffee buds at Andytown Coffee in San Francisco, Augie's Coffee in Redlands, and others for leading the way on this! ***

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