HUCK Instant - Uganda Sipi Falls Natural

Y'all, our friends at Swift Cup have done it yet again!

We've got a couple of new instant brews coming your way, both single origin (which is mighty coooollll), so you can continue getting out there this fall – hiking, biking, camping, or simply wandering through yellowing trees with great coffee in hand! 

The folks at Swift Cup Coffee are masters in making a great brew mighty quick, which is something we can get behind. They’ve delivered yet another tasty batch of instant coffee for our customers on the go, whether that be into the woods or onto a plane. Good coffee is no longer relegated to the coffee shop or your home set-up – cheers to that! 

This natural Uganda Sipi Falls is packed with jammy berry brightness and creamy chocolate to balance it all out. 

You can mix this packet/sachet with 10-12oz HOT/COLD water, HOT/COLD milk, hot cocoa or anything else you like! Whiskey? Totally approved! 

The packaging on these babies is fully compostable, but please, be responsible and pack it in, pack it out, wherever you may be heading!

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