Honduras La Plantilla

La Plantilla is our second coffee from Sergio Enamorado this year, and comes from a new, separate farm. This past year Sergio was able to purchase a second plot of land - Finca La Plantilla - and this is his first harvest from the new farm.

La Plantilla is the more approachable of our two coffees from Sergio. We’re tasting dark chocolate, apple, and almond in our cups, and this is a great crowd-pleaser if some folks in your house add milk to their coffee, and others drink it black.

This past November, Honduras was hit hard by Hurricanes Eta and Iota. While Sergio’s original farm was mostly spared, a large part of La Plantilla, was wiped out by flooding and wind damage. So this year we’re sending Sergio an additional $1 for every pound of his coffee we sell, from both farms. We’ve already sent an advance payment, and are planning to send the rest once we finish roasting his coffee.

Together, let’s drink some tasty coffee, and help Sergio recover from 2020’s hurricanes. If you want a bit more adventure in your brew, take a look at the coffee from Sergio’s original farm, but if you’re looking for a sweet, approachable cup, La Plantilla is there for you.

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