Guatemala Doña Lucinda


It's been a few years, but it's wonderful to welcome Doña Lucinda back into the Huckleberry lineup.

Back in 2015, Lucinda Puac Perez was the first farmer Huck featured in our AproCafe microlot program. Her coffee has been solid in years since, but hasn't quite made it into the top 3 lots we highlight on their own. This year though, Lucinda's coffee was our favorite among the full group - it's deeply sweet, lush, and fruity, and we're stoked to have her back in full force.

The Huck crew visited AProCafé in early January 2020, just before the mid-point of the Guatemalan harvest, and just before coronavirus put travel on indefinite hold. When we visited Lucinda, we noticed a few things that seemed to have slipped a bit - slightly uneven ripeness in the harvested coffee, and some coffee staying in cherry a bit too long before depulping and washing. While we tend to visit either before or just after harvest, coming in the middle gave us an opportunity to see and talk about things that might be improved, at a time when farmers could actually make changes.

Lucinda's coffee from the second half of harvest is our top-scoring AProCafé coffee of this year. We're tasting pie crust, mixed berries, and stone fruit in our mugs, and while it's been lovely to use her coffee as part of our main Atitlán el Grano lot the past few years, we couldn't be happier to have Lucinda back on her own.


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Pictured: Lucinda Puac Pérez and her husband, Bacilio Alescio. 

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