GESHA: Guatemala AProCafé Atitlán


Each year, around the holidays, we love to roast, brew & serve up something a little extra-special that bursts with floral & fruity goodness. This is our second year sharing Gesha from the Aprocafé Association in Guatemala! 

AProCafé, the association behind familiar HUCK coffees like Atitlán Aprocafé, Don Zabala & Dona Lucinda, is one of Huck’s longest, most hands-on sourcing relationships. We got the smallest, sneak peek taste of their Gesha from the group two years back, our first true harvest last year, and 2022 is the group’s second harvest that’s big enough to share with you.

Most of the coffees from AProCafé skew towards sweet chocolate with pops of subtle fruit -- this Gesha is a bit of a curveball. The first few sips taste of delicious white plum and lemon, with subtle florals and red berry rounding out the rest of the cup.

Gesha (or sometimes Geisha, depending on who you ask) is a coffee variety native to Western Ethiopia, but it’s become famous in Latin America. Starting with the 2004 Panama Cup of Excellence, Gesha has been a perennial winner in national coffee and international barista competitions for the past two decades, thanks to its intense floral and citrus flavors.

While there’s no shortage of established farms producing great examples of this variety, and we certainly could have gone Gesha hunting, this Gesha speaks to something foundational to HUCK’s larger mission -- it’s important for us to seek out special coffees from within existing partnerships. Each year a portion of our Sister Winter Blend sales goes directly back to AProCafé, and a few years ago, some of those dollars helped the group purchase its first Gesha seeds. You’re about to brew the fruits of that investment.

This year Aprocafé experimented with the processing on their Gesha, leaving the coffee in cherry for 36 hours before removing the cherry skin, and extending the fermentation time before washing, too. The result is even more complex and delicious than last year. Each year we’re excited for growth with AProCafé, and this Gesha makes that relationship even sweeter, and significantly more floral. Invest in people!

    Pictured: Lake Atitlán in all its majesty, AProCafé co-director Pedro Izaias Gonzales with some very young gesha plants back in 2018, association agronomist Danilo Cholotio + co-director Izaias Ixcamparic with mature trees, Marvin Quispé and Pedro depulping some of the 2022 crop.

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