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Ethiopia Yabitu Koba

Huckleberry Roasters

Ethiopia: it's the birthplace of coffee, and the O.G. is still producing some of the best coffee in the world.  At the very least, we love drinking and roasting it, and washed Ethiopian coffees are some of our most memorable cups.  Yabitu Koba is our second washed Ethiopian from the 2016 harvest, and it's a juicy, delicate and nuanced pleasure to drink.  

Yabitu Koba is a cooperative of small growers in the town of Uraga in Ethiopia's south Guji zone - about as far south as coffee is grown in the country.  We think of Yabitu Koba as a sister coffee to one of our favorites from last year, Guji Uraga.  Yabitu Koba and Uraga are two small cooperatives in the same town, and are both part of the same larger association, the Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union.  Given two opetions from the same town, this year we decided to hop across town with our partners at Red Fox Coffee Merchants because Yabitu Koba is delicious.

Yabitu Koba's farmers are blessed with some truly amazing growing conditions, and it shows in the cup.  As is typical in Ethiopia, Yabitu Koba's farmers do not cultivate coffee in a traditional, industrialized sense, but pick coffee trees amongst a myriad of other trees and crops, under more or less full canopy.  This shade, along with the region's heirloom coffee varieties, incredibly high altitudes, ripe-picking, and the Yabitu Koba Cooperative's meticulous washing and drying, all help create this super clean and vibrant coffee.  

We taste white grape, honey, subtle sweet herbs, melon, and black tea.  If you like the juicy and nuanced, or already know that Ethiopia is your jam, we'd recommend reaching for Yabitu.

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