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Ethiopia Yabitu Koba


Yabitu Koba is high a.f., and it's bright, floral, and delicious.

This is the second time we’ve roasted from this village in Ethiopia’s South Guji zone, and its farms are the highest of any in our lineup, topping out at 2320 meters (7611 feet) above sea level.

While high altitude isn’t the only ingredient for great coffee, it certainly helps. The large difference between day and nighttime temperatures and extra effort the coffee plant puts in to produce ripe cherries tends to increase brightness and overall complexity, and when it’s combined with Ethiopia’s super floral indigenous coffee varieties, ripe picking and great washing station practices, the combination is magic.

We’ve been sourcing washed coffees from South Guji through Red Fox Coffee Merchants for the past 4 years, and have faith that Aleco Chigounis will always be able to help us find a gem from the region. Two years ago we roasted another coffee we called Yabitu Koba, from the cooperative of the same name, but this year’s coffee is a bit different. In this case, independent coffee producers delivered their coffee cherry to the Hana Asrat washing station, and washing station manager Feku Jebril oversaw its sorting, washing, and drying. It all works out to one of the highest scoring coffees on our cupping table this year.

We’re stoked on this coffee for its delicate complexity and refreshing sweetness. We’re tasting peach tea (like the last Snapple bottle you drank back in 1999), citrus candy, intense florals, and honeydew melon. While you might enjoy this coffee with milk, that dairy might cover up some of what makes this coffee so great, so we’d recommend it drunk on its own and brewed with a paper filter to highlight its bright, clean, juicy flavors. Break out that pourover cone and get high on Yabitu.


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