Ethiopia Yabitu Koba


The Jebril family strikes again! Over the past few years, coffees from the Uraga area in Ethiopia's South Guji Zone - and particularly coffees processed by brothers Feku, Abdi, and Kadir Jebril - have been recurring stars in our lineup. These brothers each own washing stations in South Guji zone, and we've featured a coffee from either Feku or Abdi for each of the past few years. This year, Feku and his washing station in the village of Yabitu Koba won out, and we're stoked to feature this coffee as our third washed Ethiopia of 2021!

Feku Jebril first got involved in coffee as a trader, in a time when coffees from the Uraga area were frequently smuggled into nearby Yirgacheffe to fetch higher prices. After years working as a trader, then working at other washing stations, Feku set out on his own, building the Hana Asrat Washing Station (named after his wife), in the sky-high village of Yabitu Koba. This area has some of the highest growing altitudes in the world, topping out above 2300 meters above sea level, and the complex, bright coffees have become perennial favorites of ours.

We’re stoked on this coffee for its delicate complexity and refreshing sweetness. And while we're generally big believer in you-do-you, this coffee's delicate flavors might be washed out by milk. Brew it how you like, but our top recommendation is to drink it black, and brew it with a paper filter to highlight its clean flavors. We’re tasting peach and cantaloupe, white tea, clean refined sugar, and meyer lemon in this year's crop - refreshing, bright, and delicious!

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Pictured: Feku Jebril with Snap Specialty Coffee founder Negusse Debela, courtesy Snap Specialty Coffee

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