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COTM: Ethiopia Wolichu Wachu


Wolichu Wachu is our second coffee from the Uraga area of Ethiopia's sky-high Guji Zone, and was one of our favorite washing stations from our visit to Ethiopia this past winter. Wolichu is our coffee of the month for November!

This area of Guji is a relatively new player in the specialty coffee scene. The area has amazing growing conditions, and has had the potential for great coffee for a while now, but is exceedingly remote and difficult to reach. Coffee buyers weren't visiting, there was a lack of infrastructure and investment due to lack of name recognition. So, a good amount of coffee from Guji was moved over to Yirgacheffe and sold under the name of Ethiopia's most famous coffee region.

Luckily, thanks in part to some changes in Ethiopia's regulatory structure and the way coffees are sold, washing stations from Guji are now seeking a name for themselves and the coffees have been among our favorites for the past few years.

Wolichu Wachu is a beautiful station, and was among our favorite places we visited in Ethiopia. The coffee is beautiful, too - complex and delicate. We're tasting melon, nectarine, and earl grey tea with a bit more bergamot than usual in our third washed Ethiopia of 2019.

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