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Ethiopia Wenago Natural

Huckleberry Roasters

If the Kool-Aid guy drank coffee, it would probably be Wenago Natural.  This natural process coffee from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia is a tropical fruit bomb, and if you've enjoyed our roasts of Ethiopia Ardi, this should be next on your brew list.

Most of the coffee we buy and roast is washed (aka wet-processed), meaning that the coffee seed is removed from its cherry, and washed of all of its fruity material before drying.  In the natural process, the cherry is left intact during drying, then removed before export.  Natural processing is tricky - it's easy to spoil a coffee and create funky, off flavors.  But when the growing conditions are good, the coffee is picked at the correct level of ripeness, and the drying is done slowly and evenly, the coffee can be an otherworldy experience of clean, berry-forward fruit flavors.

Wenago is one of the best naturals we've tasted in a while.  This is a testament to the delicious heirloom coffee varieties native to Ethiopia, the high altitude in the Wenago district of Yirchacheffe, and meticulous attention to detail at the Wanago washing station (the spelling is not an error).  Roughly 700 smallholder farmers from throughout the Wenago district deliver their coffee to the Wanago station, where Umer Abdu and his washing station staff dry and sort the coffee with the highest level of care.

The result is a coffee that tastes of tropical fruit, watermelon, grape candy, clean brightness, and mixed berries.  It's just the burst of summer we need to get us through the winter.

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